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Game Description:

A N T I B O D Y is a top-down shooter game where you play as an antibody (hence the title xd). Your goal is to eliminate all the spawning viruses.


This is the very first game that I have ever completed, that's why I didn't focus much on the sprites, but instead, focused on the game mechanics to challenge my programming and problem solving capabilities.

Game Mechanics:

To create a satisfactory experience for the player, I've included certain mechanics. These include:

  • Powerups, which includes:
    1. +200 HP (does not exceed max HP)
    2. +.30 attack speed
    3. +.25 movement speed
    4. 5sec slowmo buff
  • Increasing difficulty as the game progresses i.e. faster spawn rate, faster enemies
  • No respawn


  • WASD = player movement
  • mouse = aim
  • left click = shoot (hold to shoot continuously)
  • space = pause


Special thanks to Jay Man for his awesome royalty free music! Check his website out: Our Music Box. Music used are:

  • Weird Electro by Jay Man
  • Path to Greatness by Jay Man

Other sound effects were generated using Bfxr.

Open for Suggestions:

This game is my first so I will reaally appreciate it if you can recommend or suggest improvements to make the game more awesome!




A N T I B O D Y 5 MB

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